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The start point for the website, a summary of the villa features and links to the major sections of the web site.


Photos of the villa.  Click on the photos for a full size picture and / or details of the specific room.

Floor plans

Minnie's Magical Mansion is the largest 7 bedroom, 6 and 1/2 bathroom villa, available for rent on the Bellavida Resort.  Use the floor plan page to see how the space is used.


This page shows the location of Minnie's Magical Mansion, which has links and driving directions to most of the local attractions.  Click on the pictures for the links!

Frequently Asked Questions

When a Renter (or potential Renter) asks a question which may be of interest to others we add it here.  It's a great place to look if you have any questions of your own and a useful read even if you don't.

Contact Us

Use this web page to make contact with us by email or telephone.  We know booking a Villa can be daunting, especially for the first time.  There really is no need to worry, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Rates and Availability

Check the rates and availability for the specific dates you are planning to visit the Sunshine State.

Weather in Orlando

The current and average weather month by month for Orlando, so you can see just how hot it is now and what the weather is likely to be when you visit.

Pure Luxury

A list of some of the features that make Minnie's Magical Mansion, just that little bit better than the best of the rest!

Orlando Travel Links

Links to some of the sites we find useful!

Villas versus Hotels

A comparison between two types of villas and hotels so you can get an idea of which suits your needs.

Late Offers

This page is usually empty as we do not have many late offers, but there may be some available, so check this page for details.

Terms and Conditions

Every rental Villa has to have them, some only send them to you with the booking form.  We have put them on the website so you can see the terms and conditions prior to booking. 

Site Map

This page!!  Click the link and you will end up right here (again).





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